About Us

We provide immediate notification of issues,
so that IT can focus on IT and physicans can focus on patients.

Our History

Heartbeat has been developed for imaging professionals by imaging professionals.  Having worked at dozens of the largest IDN’s in North America we have designed, implemented and managed the largest enterprise imaging systems out there.  In the day to day management of these systems, we found that the tools available didn’t meet our needs.

As IT professionals we wanted to know our systems were down BEFORE our physicians were impacted.  When we couldn’t find the tools we wanted, we decided to build them.  Now we want to offer those same tools to other health systems to improve system availability and better patient care.

Our Vision

We want to give system administrators the tools to identify problems and fix them before it ever impacts a physician or patient care.  While we can’t prevent all problems we can identify them and allow the IT professionals in the organization to focus all hands on deck to fix the problem instead of calling a user back to request more information.  

The # 1 feature requested by physicians in a PACS is active monitoring. We provide that in spades by not only monitoring PACS, but the archive, modalities and every step in between.  We see ourselves as truly saving patient’s lives…. one server at a time!