DALLAS, Texas, Jan. 30, 2019 — Intelligent Imaging, a provider enterprise imaging integration and DICOM monitoring services, announced today it will release the latest version of its Heartbeat product suite on February 11, 2019, at HIMSS

Heartbeat is healthcare’s first end-to-end proactive DICOM diagnostic and monitoring tool.  An advanced web-based platform designed to support the imaging ecosystem; from imaging center, to hospital department, to healthcare enterprise. Engineered on a flexible zero-footprint architecture, Heartbeat proactively tests DICOM devices and integrations throughout the workflow and immediately notifies the imaging team of any problems detected.  Unlike other tools, Heartbeat goes beyond the application layer and identifies the server and the integration that is unavailable. This allows the right team to focus all resources on resolving the issue quickly.  Translating into higher uptime rates, faster problem resolution and increased physician satisfaction. 

“Elegant!  Every imaging enterprise is going to need Heartbeat!”  

Shannon Werb, President and COO, vRad (Virtual Radiologic)

The new version is platform independent, centrally managed, and can be rapidly deployed in any environment, requiring only 2 cores and 4GB of RAM on a VM.  “We are very excited to deliver a robust set of new features in this release,” shares Kyle Henson, Founder and CEO of Intelligent Imaging.  This version expands the monitoring capabilities to include modalities and adds the ability to differentiate between a slow system vs. a down system, providing an even richer data set for the imaging team.

“I am particularly impressed with the mobile support and notification features” says Jack Haines, CEO of Healthcare Integrations. Haines further reports, “With this version, an imaging professional can receive an alert, diagnose the problem, silence the alarm and call the appropriate vendor to resolve.  All from a cell phone, in 5 minutes or less.”  While many vendors provide some level of self-monitoring none look outside the sphere of their own application, nor test integration points, which are typically the biggest pain points for imaging teams.  Heartbeat is built on the philosophy of test-the-way-users-work and no spam! Providing critical alerts when needed, without the background noise of endless non-urgent emails.

About Intelligent Imaging

Intelligent Imaging is a healthcare technology company focused exclusively on empowering imaging IT staff by providing needed tools to effectively manage the entire imaging ecosystem.  Its Heartbeat product suite was designed by an IT team for an IT team, with capabilities not available anywhere else on the market today. This powerful set of tools lets IT diagnose and resolve issues so that physicians can focus on treating patients instead of calling the help desk. Visit www.imagingheartbeat.com for more information.

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